We are a company that generates value through DATA Strategies.    Looking for areas of opportunity in which we can innovate and implement value-generation processes using company data.


For more than ten years we have been developing a method to identify and impact organizations with real value. We have implemented this method in different companies and industries that prove that it is always possible to find improvements and areas of opportunity for a company that wants to grow and maintain its leadership in the market.

This effort has allowed the company to be recognized as one of the most innovative companies in 2018 by The Economic Note magazine, for its constant change and search for value with innovation and human talent.

The transformation and social approach have allowed the construction of new business models with a high social impact. For several years, the generation of employment for vulnerable populations has been led, through knowledge and technology.

Supporting data startups and entrepreneurs Alopolis led innovation processes in decision-making with public data, which have been awarded national and international awards, due to the impact on the generation of real quantifiable value of the solutions for the government.

We are committed to giving everything to our clients and improving our ecosystem.